6 hours
Puffy 3D Typography Animation Puffy 3D Typography Animation Puffy 3D Typography Animation Puffy 3D Typography Animation Puffy 3D Typography Animation Puffy 3D Typography Animation

Puffy 3D Typography Animation


In collaboration with 3D artist and motion designer Timea Balo, our animated 3D typography course teaches you how to create bold, squishy typography animations that can ignite your next client campaign or visual identity proposal.

This course aims to develop your technical skills within Cinema4D and Redshift whilst creating a foundational skillset in 3D-type animation that you can apply to your client work in real time, captivate audiences and set your designs apart from the rest. 

Whether you're a freelancer, an aspiring 3D designer, or work full-time time, this course will equip you with the core principles and skills to create and import custom type into Cinema 4D, and construed into squishy animations. The fundamental skillset taught in this course can also be extrapolated to any shape (not just text), empowering you to gain confidence as you master the art of dynamic, engaging 3D visuals, and sharpening your creative skillset to stay ahead of the curve. 


• How to create and prep text objects or imported custom-drawn type (vectors) for a simulation
• How to use UVs which are the elements that allow you to wrap materials around letters
• How to make a squishy & puffy effect
• Different ways to inflate and control animations
• How to render your final animation, sharing some post-production tips and tricks in After Effects on how to edit and export the animation.


• Cinema 4D

• Redshift

• Adobe After Effects


Timea Balo is a UK-based professional 3D artist and motion designer who loves to create playfully bold, bright and squishy 3D work. She has had the pleasure of infusing her 3D animation into work for a global range of clients including Hoka, Pepsi, Stylist Magazine, and Poppi.

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