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Welcome to You Creative Media: Where Practical Skill Development and Creativity meet.

Learning the specific, high-value creative skills expected by businesses can be a challenge to identity and achieve. The cost of a formal education may be inaccessible for you at this point, or perhaps the one you took wasn’t worth the price tag it came with. You feel depleted, fearful of not being able to make your dream of becoming a designer your full time career.

Creatives should have access to the right tools and practical resources to develop professionally without breaking the bank. That’s where we want to help.

Created as a space for learning, skill development and professional growth, You Creative Media is a flexible creative course and resource platform that provides practical creative skill development for aspiring and established creatives alike.

We understand the desire for autonomy and balance between work and personal lives, which is why we’ve developed flexible education solutions that adapt to already busy schedules.

Our mission is practical teaching. Our courses and resources are developed and delivered by industry professionals, and their expertise, insights, and experiences are at the core of our offerings, making learning practical, relevant, and job-focused.

Join us on a journey to become the designer you wish to be, where creative education meets practicality, and where professional growth is not just a goal but a tangible outcome.

NEW: Creative courses are launching in April 2024. ^_^

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