Career Growth

Readymag and You Creative Media Join Forces to Help Navigate the Designers’ Journey

In an exciting collaboration, Readymag, the innovative web design tool, has teamed up with us, You Creative Media, a dynamic creative course and resource platform, to launch a web special titled 'Navigating career: Designers’ milestones.' This initiative aims to shed light on the challenges faced by professionals in the design industry, providing valuable insights and perspectives through exclusive interviews and real-life experiences of renowned design experts.

Readymag: Empowering Web Design Without Coding

Readymag is a cutting-edge design tool that empowers users to create stunning websites, landing pages, and various online publications without the need for coding expertise. It offers a drag-and-drop editor, advanced animations and interactions, 5,000+ free fonts, collaborative teamwork capabilities, analytics and a range of other features that make it accessible to both beginners and seasoned designers. With Readymag, the focus is on unleashing creativity and allowing individuals to bring their design visions to life effortlessly.

You Creative Media: Nurturing Creativity and Professional Growth

On the other side of this partnership is our refreshed brand You Creative Media, a platform dedicated to learning, skill development, and professional growth. Our flexible creative course (coming soon) and resource platform caters to aspiring and established creatives seeking to acquire or enhance skills that are in demand in the industry. You Creative Media provides practical creative skill development that aligns with the needs of clients and businesses, fostering an environment where creativity thrives.

The Collaborative Web Special: 'Navigating career: Designers’ milestones'

This joint venture takes the form of a web special that delves into the shared challenges confronted by professionals in the design industry. The editorial, curated with precision and insight, draws from exclusive interviews with esteemed design experts such as Veronica Fuerte, Cat How, Beth Wilson, Vitaly Friedman, Felix Lee, Andy Chung, Leandro Assis, and others.

Tatiana Kovalchuk, Editor-in-Chief of Readymag, emphasises the non-linear nature of design careers, stating, “Design careers, like many professional paths, are rarely straightforward journeys to success. They are often marked by a series of unexpected setbacks that one must either overcome or step away from.” 

With this understanding, the editorial focuses on pivotal moments in a design career and the typical challenges faced by professionals, particularly those at a mid-weight level or higher.

The web special explores a spectrum of topics, including transitioning into leadership roles, handling workplace conflicts, launching a design enterprise, dealing with burnout, navigating challenging client relationships, establishing a business with close associates, undertaking pro bono work, and more. Veronica Fuerte, Speaker, Lecturer, and Mentor; Founder & Creative Directress of Hey studio, shares her perspective, stating, “Design is a discipline that almost everybody has an opinion on because it’s easy to have an opinion, so we see our work as guiding and educating people.”

Empowering Designers Through Knowledge and Creativity

By combining the strengths of Readymag and our brand, this partnership aims to empower designers at all levels. The web special serves as a beacon for those navigating the intricate paths of a design career, offering guidance, inspiration, and a deeper understanding of the challenges that come with the territory.

In a world where design is ever-evolving, Readymag and You Creative Media are not just providing tools and courses; they are fostering a community that nurtures creativity and supports the professional growth of designers worldwide. As the 'Navigating career: Designers’ milestones' web special unfolds, it marks the beginning of a collaborative journey that promises to elevate the landscape of design education and inspiration.

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